Cleveland Community College
137 South Post Road
Shelby, NC 28152


President-Dr. Jason Hurst
Mission Statement:

Cleveland Community College provides diverse and accessible learning opportunities to meet the educational and training needs of our community.
Types of Courses:

Cleveland Community College offers two different types of courses, Curriculum (For-Credit) courses and Continuing Education (Non-Credit) courses.
Curriculum (For-Credit) Courses - Curriculum (For-Credit) courses are college-credit courses that result in the awarding of college credit upon satisfactory completion. College credit courses apply toward degree, diploma, and certificate programs. In addition, many Curriculum courses qualify for transfer college credit to senior institutions as well as other colleges.

Continuing Education (Non-Credit) Courses - Continuing Education courses are non-credit courses for those who need to train, retrain, and update themselves in a vocational or professional area, for those who desire instruction enabling them to grow in basic knowledge, improve in home and community life, and develop or improve leisure time activities, and for those individuals whose education stopped short of high school.
We care deeply about the children and families in our community. We are here for you as
we all face the challenges related to the Coronavirus. This pandemic has brought rapid
changes and much stress in our daily lives. Parents, child care providers, businesses and our
economy are significantly impacted. We will continue to advocate for safe and healthy
prevention strategies and educational opportunities in our community. We must all make
intentional efforts to remain healthy and curb the spread of this virus.

COVID-19 Resources for Parents and Care Givers