Cleveland County Schools
400 West Marion Street
Shelby, NC 28150

Superintendant-Dr. Stephen Fisher
Vision Statement:

To become one of the 10 best performing districts in the state by challenging each student with an exceptional educational experience.

Core Values:

We will make student learning and development our primary focus.
We will accomplish our work in a safe, orderly and caring environment.
We will create partnerships that have meaning for our students and their education.
We will support a community of learners.
We will challenge students to reach their full potential.
We will have high expectations for our students, parents and staff.
We will make decisions based on what is best for students.
We will use data as a tool for decision making.

Number of Employees
Licensed Employees: 1,395
Classified Employees: 959
Mission Statement:

The Cleveland County Schools will challenge each student with an exceptional educational experience that will lead them to become a productive global citizen and a lifelong learner by partnering with our community to provide quality learning opportunities.
We care deeply about the children and families in our community. We are here for you as
we all face the challenges related to the Coronavirus. This pandemic has brought rapid
changes and much stress in our daily lives. Parents, child care providers, businesses and our
economy are significantly impacted. We will continue to advocate for safe and healthy
prevention strategies and educational opportunities in our community. We must all make
intentional efforts to remain healthy and curb the spread of this virus.

COVID-19 Resources for Parents and Care Givers